Farmer David Barton

Phoenix Rises from the Ashes


I would like to introduce you to Phoenix.


She’s a lovely British Blue cross, heifer calf. She was made an orphan last Tuesday, losing both her mother and her father, Ernie, because of bovine TB. We decided to call her Phoenix for fairly obvious reasons. 

We had a very difficult three or four days with her as she was missing her mother and I didn’t want to share that with you. We’ve had enough sadness recently. But I’m now very happy to say that she has quietened down and settled and will take a (large!) bottle of milk twice a day from us, as well as eating some calf food, soft hay and drinking water. 

Hopefully Phoenix will grow into a wonderful healthy heifer who will become a valued member of our herd for years to come. 

More immediately, we’re now on countdown until our next TB test in July and what news that will bring.