New Latrine

New Badger Latrine ( right fore-ground) in grazing pasture

Today Charlotte Smith and Anna Jones from radio 4 ‘ On Your Farm’ came to our Farm to discuss my reasons for doing the Blog and video and the human side of the effects of  bTB.

It was a great opportunity to discuss the issues I face regarding the ever increasing numbers of badgers on the farm, the difficulties of bio-security and keeping grazing cattle and badgers apart. We walked around the Farm and I was able to show them 2 new setts and most disturbingly a new badger latrine in the field where my  young heifers are grazing.

I then met Gordon McGlone, formally of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, and he was invited to view the video. We had a frank but fair conversation. We had obvious differences but shared some common ground.

The radio programme ‘ On My Farm’ and this interview can be heard this Sunday morning at 6.35am ( ! )


Radio 4 ‘On Your Farm’ comes to our Farm!

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