After a very stressful week, the result is not as bad as it could have been we had 1 reactor a young cow 2nd calver 4 years old. A minimum of two further 60 day test required now.
I have to be positive and look at this as a good result because we could have lost 10, 20 or even 30 as we have in the past so 1 reactor sad as it is at least leaves me with a business I can continue with.
I am now even more determined to continue the fight to see a fair and just policy on Btb in the UK with “all the tools in the box” being used.
Without wildlife control we will never beat this terrible disease, I have had an independent farm wildlife survey done this last week and will report its findings as soon as I receive it.
Many thanks for all the kind support I have had especially in the last week much appreciated.
David Barton TB Test  Still002


3 thoughts on “NOT Btb FREE

  1. Sorry to hear another one gone, David, but as you say could have been a lot worse.
    You know exactly what you have to do! Good luck.

  2. This is all so un-fair at a show yesterday you have 4 year tb that can travel to shows willy nilly ! and us who are on a yearly ,pens closely put next to each other so however you try could touch noses

    Why can they not put us all over the country on a yearly ? i mean how can they prove the 4 yearly ones have not after their test have got tb and spend the next 3 years spreading it ?

    I am so sorry for you what stress but please keep fighting because you are quite right, but how they now control the wildlife goodness knows , the do gooders will stop anything unless this country gets a back bone

    Keep your chin up kind regards

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