60 Day Btb Test is here Again

We have spent the last two days getting cattle back to the farm for testing again, and preparing for tomorrow 7th Oct.
I can’t tell you how this effects the whole family such a stressful time, and we will be doing it all again before Christmas. The difference between having a clear test on Friday or more reactors is so profound to the wellbeing of the herd and our business.
It’s so easy for people who don’t have to test cattle to say “more testing more stringent cattle measures” etc. . I do see the need to do all this and am happy to do so, providing we deal with the source of infection in wildlife (Badgers) I think it’s time to be more realistic about what needs to be done with wildlife , to ensure we have a healthy living working countryside free from bTB
Will post results on Friday


4 thoughts on “60 Day Btb Test is here Again

  1. I hear vitamin D has a powerful effect against TB in humans, have you experimented with this in cattle at all, and if so, what kind of results did you see? Also, do you think the kind of flora/pollen in the environment may make a difference to the spread of infection?

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