Roulette wheel is spinning

Tuesday 7th OCT, 5.45 AM start strong coffee and paracetamol, one hell of a headache .bTB testing again. My biggest worry right now is making sure I can get all my cattle collected and penned ready for the vet , not to test all cattle would void the test altogether .
I am happy to say all the cattle came in quietly with out to much fuss .With a new crush and handling system I was somewhat anxious as to how it would work , it worked well , better animal welfare and personnel welfare. First part of the test completed by lunchtime. No sooner had we finished testing we had a heifer calve all well, but this is not a good time to be testing with now 17 fresh calves around. I would not choose to test while we are calving but with 60 day testing we have no choice
We now wait for results on Friday , it’s like playing roulette we have no idea of the outcome seems as if it’s just down to chance, it’s always a very tense 3 days


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