Test reading, very disappointing

Cattle coming in for testing

Friday October 10th another early start, the cows and calves much more reluctant to come in to the yards for testing, however we managed to entice them with some nice silage.
The vet arrives and within 5 minutes he has found a reactor, a home bread 2nd calver with her fresh autumn borne calf at foot, optimism disappeared immediately replaced by despair then 2 inconclusive reactors followed by another reactor . The mood is tense and we continue with the test, a relief when my favourite cow passes ok and our young stock bull Dude also.
As our spring calving cows come though the crush for testing we also PD (pregnancy diagnose) them , that at least is good news all but 2 in calf and the vet tells me we have a very tight calving pattern which is good. This comes about by being efficient and a close attention to detail, sadly and most disappointingly bTB has ripped all that good work apart again. Loosing breading cows that are in calf or suckling young calves is morally emotionally and financially taking its toll on all of us here.
We must put a stop to this terrible disease, that’s why it’s so important for the pilot culls to continue and have further roll out where the disease is endemic, not just for our cattle but the countryside and wildlife which live in it, I have huge respect and admiration for the farmers and contractors in Glos and Somerset where the cull is taking place, it’s difficult but vital work that has to be done.
We will be bTB testing again before Christmas and after, and who knows when we are clear again.


One of the condemned


8 thoughts on “Test reading, very disappointing

  1. It does;nt get any better, we were testing and reading on the same dates and yes we had a clean test but we are only clear until the next test.

  2. Yes, it is all very depressing. I am very sorry you were not at the last Regional Livestock meeting. Martin Haworth quite specifically said that we need properly targeted culling, and also that there is little point in vaccinating. Obviously it is useful to keep pointing out how horrible TB is, but I do feel strongly that the NFU should be really busy, behind the scenes if necessary, getting Defra to accept that we must have BETTER culling, i.e. targeted, and preferably a better way of killing than shooting, which does not seem to be at all efficient.

    Do you have influence to promote Martin’s point of view? The badger people keep on saying vaccination is a much better solution. They need to be convinced that that is rubbish!

    Yours, Pippa Woods (My computer insisted on following your layout!)

      • I would just like to say, well done for highlighting the farmers view so well. We are struggling ourselves with TB and support your efforts 100% as you represent all us farmers. Thank you for the time you put in and I hope things start improving for you and your herd.
        Good wishes Laura Prichard

  3. Very sorry David, but not at all surprised.
    As you know until the carrier wild things are removed then you haven’t a hope in hell.
    GET ANGRY not depressed.
    As for the badgerists and vaccinators they are beneath contempt, and that goes especially for those who actually know better but have no balls.

    • Thank you Minny, I could not agree with you more. Be assured I am very angry and not at all depressed, As I feed and care for the cows with little green ear tags (the government tag for bTB reactors) I get increasing frustrated by this sham of a bTB policy, and as for the badgerists with hidden agendas who just turn the other way when its cattle being culled utter contempt they have no answers and will leave our countryside riddled with bTB in god knows how many species its totally reckless

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