Badger cull over but cattle cull continues 365 days a year.

While the badger cull may now have finished for this year farmers across the South West, and beyond, are still left to deal with the grim day-to-day reality of bovine TB. Today I’ve had to load up two more of my cows and send them away to be slaughtered because they tested positive for bTB. Losing cattle you’ve bred and reared to this disease never gets any easier .It also leaves us with another orphan calf to rear on its own. From a business point of view, the results of the last test means my herd still has to pass two consecutive TB tests, 60 days apart, before restrictions can be removed and we can start operating anywhere near normally again. The cycle of testing every 60 days means TB is never far from my thoughts, even when I’m doing other thing around the farm.


The results of this year’s culls haven’t been released yet. As a farmer dealing with bTB I would like to pay tribute to the hard work of the people who have carried out the culls. Their determination to do the best job they can to help with disease control is hugely appreciated by me and other farmers who want to see this disease wiped out for the good of the wildlife on our farms as well as for our cattle.


Like everyone else I wait with interest to see the results of this year’s culls. In the meantime, the countdown is back on to our next TB test and the results that will bring.


Badger cull over but cattle cull continues 365 days a year.

4 thoughts on “Badger cull over but cattle cull continues 365 days a year.

  1. As cattle farmers we know how our animals react to anything ‘odd’, behaving differently or having a strange non-kin smell.

    Here’s an interesting and very informative video from New Zealand, on cattle’s reaction to a floppy possum. Note the mention of badgers about 1.53 minutes in. And note the number of TB cases, NZ vets trace back not to cattle contact, but to wildlife interface.
    We do that too, but prefer to ignore it.

    Lovely young cattle, David. What a criminal waste…

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