One year on

It’s nearly a year since I started this blog, so I thought I would have a look back at the posts I have written. I have to say, the early posts I still find very hard to read. The raw emotion comes flooding back.

So are we in a better place so far as bTB is concerned? Have we made progress in beating this terrible disease? I’d like to say a resounding yes but I can’t. BTB has become even more political with the election only days away, the result will be crucial as to whether common sense can prevail or whether it cannot.

As a beef farmer in the SW the only hope I have as a way forward to eradicate bTB is in the pilots in Glos and Somerset, we are seeing such encouraging results. No surprise too many as all the previous trials have shown reduction in bTB were badgers are culled. The current 25 year plan without culling of badgers will be a burdensome waste of time for all

People who like to use this emotive subject for political gain or with hidden agendas do themselves the country especially the countryside a huge disservice. The people that have visited the farm that don’t share my views but have taken the trouble I thank very much, for those that have declined to visit are in my view cowards……and there are a couple.

Cows & Calves at Pasture


cows at grass


With all my cattle turned out to grass for the summer it’s great to see them grazing our meadows and banks. I can’t help but worry about our next 6 month check test in the autumn especially when I see increasing evidence of badgers routing up the pasture for earth worms. What biosecurity can I do when the cattle are at pasture? This year we are using raised mineral feeders from Rumenco which are badger proof to try to minimise everything we can. But it’s the pasture the cattle graze and the interaction between cattle and badgers that we can’t stop when there out grazing.

Raised Mineral Feeders from Rumenco



cattle minerals feeder rumenco


I thought I would copy a link to the video we poster this time last year just so no one forgets the misery bTB causes on farms.    


4 thoughts on “One year on

  1. Did you read HRH Prince Charles’s comments to Tony Blair, in the recently published ‘black spider’ letters?
    A decade ago, he was pleading with Blair and Bradshaw to deal with TB in badgers, and the reply from Blair was quite illuminating.

    The reaction from Bradshaw, who was in receipt of the 538 Parliamentary Questions on the subject, to Owen Paterson MP who tabled them, was even more enlightening.

    That this disease is still tethered to badgers v. cattle is, imo, reckless in the extreme, with domestic pets increasingly the victims. Even more worrying is their treatment (before euthanasia) with a random cocktail of antibiotics, often for weeks and in a home environment, of such animals.
    Up close and personal, is not the best place for a tuberculous cat to be. And vets who are doling out such ‘treatment’ need a good shake.

    Glad you and your cattle are clear at the moment David.
    Best wishes.

    • Hi Pat, yes all very interesting. HRH letter a decade ago shows a real understanding of this complex disease and the many problems which go with it especially for stock farmers, it’s a shame his confidence was betrayed.
      Your point on domestic pets is a real concern, this is what you get when politicians play politics with a nasty disease like TB, TB should be given the upmost respect as the terrible the disease that it is . This has never been about cattle and badgers as some like to make it, no its about getting rid of TB form our countryside the sooner people get that the better, some so called animal welfare groups are reckless in the extreme with the misinformation the pedal, although I think some are being shown in their true political couloirs now.

  2. I am so sorry for what you and so many other farmers are having to go through, it is heartbreaking , and someone has to step up one day and do something about it. Until that day farmers like yourself have to go through this awful experience time and time again. I just wanted to send you this message to say there are people out here who understand. Fingers Crossed that your cattle remain Tb free. I wish you well

    • Thank you Nicky for your kind message, it is appreciated. Sadly we are back under bTB restriction from a suspect case at slaughter; we were #tbfree for just 4 months. I will wright a blog post soon.

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