Back Under bTB Restriction

I had a phone call from APHA to tell me one of my steers that had gone for beef the previous day had a suspect bTB lesion in its lungs, it will be sent for culture testing , 4 out of 5 comeback positive for bTB . It is an anxious wait for the results which take about 7 weeks to come back. So I’m put under restriction pending the result, if it’s negative and I hope and pray that it is then if our next whole herd test in September is clear, restrictions will be lifted. There is a lot of “if’s” there and I can’t help but prepare for the worst as we have been here to many times before.
We wait and wait to hear what the new government is going to do to implement its 25 year plan in full to get the UK #tbfree. I believe we will hear very soon, although it does appear that they have gone to sleep on the subject. Time waits for no man, bTB certainly does not.
In 1986 in the UK we had just 235 bTB reactors; in 2014 we had 32859 bTB reactors
This is an epic failure of catastrophic proportions on a policy that has been followed by successive governments, change is long overdue.
It is time farmers stop accepting the mass slaughter of cattle following a policy that does simply not work, the nettle must be grasped and the wildlife reservoir must be addressed without delay