It’s been quite a while since I last posted a blog. Since then we have had two consecutive clear bTB tests at severe interpretation. This means we are again #tbfree which is excellent news and we do not need to do a whole herd test for another 6 months.

So what can I do to keep my herd free from bTB? This is the question many farmers are faced with. I continually look for things I can do regarding farm biosecurity etc and there are always new ideas that may help. I recently went to a farm biosecurity event which was interesting although nothing new came from it however, it’s important to keep looking at all options.

The one thing that I see as really important is Disease Transmission. How does the disease get from the environment to cattle or badgers or from cattle or badgers in to the environment or is it just direct contact between species or across species? If we understood this better it would certainly help with reducing the risk of disease spread and reinfection also we could target biosecurity much better.
It may be some time before this is better understood, and what we must continue to do is use what we do know that works to our best advantage.